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Our 2017 Venue

Underground Lounge
952 W Newport Ave
Chicago, Illinois


Portia Chellelynn has been a freelance model since 2003. In 2014 she branched into acting and began working for Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare haunted house both the 2014 & 2015 seasons, in Villa Park, Illinois. She portrayed Sheri Moon Zombie's character, "Baby", from the films, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, in the 2015 season of the haunt, in The Devil's Rejects house. She was mentioned by the Haunted House Chicago Review team in their official 2015 review of the haunt, highlighting her performance. While working there, she also got to take part in the commercial for Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare 2015. Portia's first acting role in a film, was as the lead role of Candace England (Candie), in feature indie film, Candie's Harem, in Oct 2014. She "liked" on a Facebook post by Faux Pas Films, in a film group, and the director asked if she'd like to audition for the main role. Having absolutely no acting experience, other than the couple of weeks she had worked at the haunted house, she still managed to land the spot, in spite of all odds against her. While filming on the set of Candie's Harem, she also worked on Leaf Blower Massacre 2, with T-Nasty Production, as a college student. Both that acting gig and her next one (Cafe Kremlin Season 2 Episode 1), were totally on a whim. Both times, people that were supposed to show up, didn't, so she got to fill in for them. Then she worked with Faux Pas Films again in August 2015, in a feature length film called, Cellar Secret, which she claims: "if I didn't already work with the director and actors before, I wouldn't have done it, it's that disturbing, of a movie". She enjoys all aspects of the film industry, often helping with makeup, soundtrack coordination, special effects, location scouting, etc.. anything she can do to help with production, she will. Portia volunteers at events like Rumble for the Kids Pro-wrestling show in Princeton, Illinois, annually. She was their ring girl in 2013-2015 & she started acting as the wrestler, Frankie the Chi-Town Hitman's personal assistant, in the 2014 & 2015 shows. All proceeds from the shows go to help local children. She also volunteers at Days of the Dead horror festivals in Chicago & Indianapolis. Her debut film, Candie's Harem, was chosen an official selection for Days of the Dead Chicago 2015 and had it's World premiere at Chicago's Days of the Dead (horror convention) 48 hour Independent Film Festival, presented by Jabb Pictures, in November 2015.In 2014, Portia also walked the runway twice for Chicago RAW Underground Artists events, modeling for designer, Amber Vokt, with AV Clothing Designs and for make-up artist, Andie Peirce with body painting.  In 2016 Portia was invited by her co-actor from Candie's Harem, Willy Adkins to hostess his brand new Hardcore Horror Fest featuring the most extreme / brutal horror the independent film world has to offer.  Portia jumped at the opportunity and was a stand out at the festivals debut season prompting Adkins to again ask for her return in 2017.  Portia has built quite a name in a short amount of time and at the speed she is grown, she is sure to be a main attraction for years to come.  Learn more about Portia Chellelynn on her official website: or


Feb. 18th 2017