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Our 2017 Venue

Underground Lounge
952 W Newport Ave
Chicago, Illinois


Emerging from the local cemeteries and morgues of Chicago, Sinister Fate has been terrifying the Midwest since 2006. Sinister Fate combine its love for the macabre with an intense metal sound to create a ghastly display of sight and sound. Sinister Fate keeps the dead awake and the living in fear...

Since shambling onto the music scene, They have toured all over the Midwest in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, & Missouri. Playing well know venues in those areas such as House of Blues, The Metro, Double Door, The Pearl Room, Elbo Room, Peabody's, Pop's, as well as headlining The Ride for Dime. Sinister Fate has been featured and made appearances on numerous local and national T.V., radio, and magazines, also being a featured staple in Breaking Fate Entertainment's Indie and Horror Film Festivals. Their music has been in the indie movies Ron Fitzgerald's Dark Realm, Bacon, and Balloon Feast.

Sinister Fate has shared the stage with such well known acts as Ministry, Mudvanyne, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Combichrist, John 5, Wednesday 13, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Otep, Michale Graves, William Control, The Graveyard Boulevard, and The Luchagors featuring Amy Dumas (WWE Hall of Famer "Lita").

Sinister Fate - "Drop Dead Goregous"

Feb. 18th 2017